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Types of Thermostat

When installing the heating system at home, first of all, we want comfort. And we have in mind not only the temperature, allowable pressure but also automated control of these and other processes. Therefore, modern heating systems are equipped with the control unit, thermostat. In turn, it is intended to fulfill all the necessary commands and also save energy. But what to do if the thermostat is broken? I've been in such situation. I've studied the information about these control units. That's why I've created this website so that you do not have to repeat my way.

Nowadays, on the market of heating equipment, there is a wide range of thermostats and it is very toilless to get confused when it comes to the choice. In this article, I would like to cover all of the main types of thermostats to help you to solve the problem of choosing the right device for your heating
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Line-voltage thermostats are easily identified as they have thick wires, usually 2 or 4. The current passes through both the control unit and the heating equipment. In this case, the line-voltage thermostat is switched off when reaching the preset temperature, even if the heater didn't warm up the room to the preset temperature.

Low-voltage thermostats
A more efficient solution for electric current control is exactly the low-voltage thermostats, which in turn are used to control central heating systems. Moreover, the systems can use either or gas, or electricity, or even oil. In our country, they are popular to regulate the temperature of water heaters, air conditioning, heat pumps, and etc. This type of thermostats uses voltage between 24V and 50V, which makes it possible to regulate the electric current and use programmable

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