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Most men experience thinning hair as they age and it’s nothing to be ashamed of. After all, everyone gets older and our bodies change. Even young men may suffer from thin hair so we have collected 45 transforming hairstyles for men of every age to try. Wave goodbye to thin locks! # 1 Faded Sides And Spiked Pompadour It sounds elementary but if your hair is thinning on the sides why not choose a razor fade to draw attention away from it? In this picture, the fade out draws attention to upper locks which have been styled in smart pompadour-inspired brush up with spiky tips. # 2 Temple Fade Temple fades like this can work well to cover up receding or faded hairlines. This medium length side comb over has been given a modern twist…show more content…
We love the distinguished look of these choppy brushed back sides and pompadour-inspired lift in front. A thicker cut on the sides showcases the hairs condition – perfect for smoothing out areas with thinner hair. # 12 Counter Effect When your hair starts to thin you need a cut with texture to counter the effect. In this example, chunky snips throughout the upper hair add plenty of volume and are offset by the neatly tapered sides. # 13 Flow Back Men’s hair generally starts to thin along the sides first and that’s why this type of skin fade is perfect if you are feeling a little self-conscious. Draw attention upwards by adding a flowing coif over the top. # 14 Turn Up The Volume Finger combing and tousling your upper locks will help disguise problem areas but be sure to finish it off with a holding product so you can maintain it all day. Team your look with short sides that connect into your facial hair to balance the style. # 15 Beckham Knows Best Thin hair? What thin hair? David’s beard helps balance his pompadour-inspired rise on the upper locks. A short off center parting has been used to add structure and a neatly graded fade extends down into the

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