Essay On Thinking About Your Future

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Some people said, as they were a teen, they could do whatever they want and were happy about it without thinking about their future. They could spend their entire day only for playing or doing some stuffs with their friends. But in life, you’ll always find that it seems to be the things you don’t do that you regret. Think about all of your chances that you miss, the opportunity you’ve had but not taken, like not to go on an outing with your family or going for a walk on old friend. Also things you have done, but still you regret it until now, for example entered a wrong university or major? Will the time we are taking now to read this passage has an impact to our future? Nathan Eland was stated that “Don’t regret what you’ve done, but regret…show more content…
One bad choice would never lead you near to the successfulness. No one, who has not made a bad decision. If someone said she or he hasn’t done so, it could possibly because they tried to avoid making decisions at all costs. However, what action that would affect to your future? Is there any trick that you can change the future by what you are doing right now? The answer is making a good problem solving and decision making. An action that we can take is trying to choose the better path that result a goal that we want to achieve and also the worst possibilities that could occur. Every consequence should be listed, counted and tried to be solved, and the key to do that is your imagination. But sometimes, stuffs do not meet the requirement. The points to consider is there are no guarantees for all things that you will do, and the way to conquer it is by preparing all possible risks. As you make more and more mistakes, you could also learn from them and look for the opportunities which could open your mindset. The most important thing is whenever you failed to achieve the things that you want because of choosing the wrong decision, you should try to overcome it. Because, some people are too afraid to make a decision and finally lose sight of what they are trying to accomplish, which burden themself in making any
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