Essay On Third Parties

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During the start of our world the framers of the Constitution despised the thought of their being political parties, many thought of political parties as being illegitimate they were unanimously against them and the emergence of the third parties in and their impact on politics in America was a strong one. The thought of having no parties didn’t last long and the very first third party came forward, the Anti-Masons. The Anti-Masons appeared in 1828 under the lead of Clay Whig after the disappearance of William Morgan. This third party was highly opposed to Free Masonry because back then you couldn’t become anything or move forward in society unless you were a Free Mason; this was near impossible considering that there was favoritism in that…show more content…
They dealt with things like tax reforms, prohibition or alcohol and many other issues. They come forward when the public isn’t satisfied with the Democratic or Republican nominees and though they never win office they are quite important. Some of the most important issues in America were advocated by third parties first, for example; the Free Soilers of 1848 who advocated for anti-expansion of slavery and equal rights for enslaved blacks. Going back the Populists and Progressives, I believe they had one of the largest impacts. They fought for social reform and the political agenda. They wanted to send a message to Washington to support tougher law-and-order measures. Third parties tried to use the government as a tool to bring about social movements like women’s suffrage, secret ballots and direct elections and change in society. They fought for voting and protection from violence because the government’s inability to deal with even the smallest of problems. They are the voice against injustice and corruption and they built vibrant roots in the foundation for civil rights, environmentalism, anti-war activism and gay
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