Essay On Third Wave Feminism

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There are myriads of problems we as a species have faced in the past, and are going to face in the future. Racism, poverty, and your everyday discrimination. Of course, humanity has been trying to combat these issues for centuries, but a utopian society is simply impossible. Therefore, since it’s impossible to have a perfect society, our solution is to have no society at all. Our only solace in such awful times is the hope a future where such issues don’t exist; however, we’ve already discussed how hopeless dreams of a utopia truly are. Moreover, humans can’t even decide who should rule their nation fairly, much less unify all the world’s power into one force fighting for advancement, so the only solution here is to have a Holocaust II: The Holocaustening, for the…show more content…
The feminist movement started out when women were actually oppressed and less valued by society; they were thought to only have 2 purposes: reproduction and homemaking. Eventually, the men in charge noticed that women were actually people too, and over the course of the 20th century, gave women the right to vote, work wherever they pleased, and have free will over their own lives, instead of being treated like property. This covers both 1st and 2nd wave feminism, which were both reasoned causes. 3rd wave feminism took place in the 1990s and early 2000s, fighting for individuality and freedom of true expression. The cause is still strong, and worth fighting for, until the early 2010s when 4th wave feminism began. The fourth wave focused on having perhaps a bit too much individuality, and lead to a group of both men and women called Social Justice Warriors, or SJWs. Essentially they are trying to push women’s rights past equality, to the point where men will be lower than women. The entire movement is fueled by confirmation bias, where they will only communicate and attempt a reasonable discussion with those they agree
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