Essay On Thirty Years War

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1. The Treaty of Westphalia was a major turning point in European history. This treaty ended the Thirty Years’ War which ran from 1618 to 1648. The Thirty Years’ War began with what is known as, “the defenestration of Prague.” In 1618, messengers from the Holy Roman emperor arrived to Bohemia and in result of their trip, were thrown out of a window. Although with they were thrown to the ground, they lived. There are two conflicting opinions as to how these emissaries survived their fall. According to the Catholics, the messengers were caught and saved by the angels of god. However, the Protestants believe that the emissaries landed in a pile of manure. This is what ultimately began the Thirty Years’ War. What started out as a small war between…show more content…
The Treaty of Westphalia involved Germany, Bohemia, Sweden, France, Spain, Austria and representatives from the Dutch republic (Netherlands). In total, there were about 176 delegates who represented 196 rulers at the peace negotiation. All of these countries were involved with the peace treaty because they either initiated a phase of the war, were dragged in to a segment of the war, or merely decided to join in the war for their own personal motives. There were several phases of the Thirty Years’ War. At first, the war was one that was locally fought over religion. It later progressed and became a conflict over politics and power. Some of the rulers and countries involved in this war primarily joined in for the balance of power. They wanted to make sure that Europe would not be predominantly overpowered by one European entity. By 1648, the war became a worn-out fight. As a result, the war ended inconclusively, with no real winner of the war. However, there were multiple consequences that resulted at the end of the war. For example, France becomes an ascendant power while the Holy Roman Empire become a descending power, Brandenburg gains territory which will eventually lead to the unification of Germany, the Dutch Netherlands become independent which weakens the Hapsburg 's power, and Switzerland receive their
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