Essay On Threats And Challenges In The Military

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Introduction A new generation brings with it a set of new threats and challenges. According to Dr John Nagl, the modern military expects officers to “develop and maintain a high degree of adaptability” in order to meet the “contemporary demands and opportunities they are likely to face” . From solving complex problems to managing new threats, the military is required to always be well-informed and well-trained particularly when it comes to technology that is constantly changing. This essay will look into the spectrum of threats and challenges, the two focal points for countermeasures and recommendations to RBAF for preparing to meet the new demands placed on today’s military professionals.

Threats and Challenges
The spectrum of threats and challenges to the military continue to change over the years with some becoming increasingly more complex. As such, complex problems requires equally comprehensive solutions. These threats can be categorised into two types - traditional and non-traditional. Traditional threats
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In the case of Brunei, the Defence White Paper (2011) has shown that security and stability of the sovereignty to be a priority in national defence policies . Furthermore, it highlights the importance of capacity building in the military as well as cooperation with international allies particularly among the ASEAN region as threats to global security have potential implications to Brunei’s own national defence. It goes on to add that preparedness to such challenges requires a working ‘global rules-based order’ with the United Nations as an example of an international organisation well-suited to oversee this. Since cyber-warfare and terrorism are increasingly becoming the two major challenges in today’s world, this essay will look into the kind of skills needed for

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