Essay On Three Branches Of Government

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Three Branches of Government The legislative branch can check governing parties and override presidential vetoes with a two thirds vote, investigate the executive branch, ratify treaties, and the ability to impeach. The legislative branch has full control over the executive branches spending and funding. The Senate has the ability to approve presidential appointments and approve treaties. The legislative branch checks the judicial branch by creating lower courts, the ability to impeach judges, and the Senate appoints all judges. The Speaker of the House is a very powerful position coming right after the Vice President in line to be the president. The House Speaker leads the majority party and is also the main officer of the House of Representatives. One of the Speaker’s main jobs is to negotiate with the White House and the Senate to resolve legislative differences.The Speaker also serves as a “front man” for the House of Representatives. A President Pro Tempore is a high ranking senator who 's job is to preside over the Senate during the absence of the Vice President. The Presidential Act of 1792 stated that the President Pro Tempore was next in life for succession after the Vice President and the Speaker of…show more content…
The executive branch is privileged with the power to carry out laws. The executive branch has a few checks over the legislative branch. It has the ability to veto powers and the ability to call special sessions of congress. The executive branch can recommend legislation and can appeal to the people concerned with the legislation. It also allows the president to appoint the Supreme Court and other federal judges. The executive branch can veto laws, making it much harder, for the legislative branch to pass laws. The president leads the executive branch and his cabinet, along with the Vice President. The cabinet is the presidents main advisors who help carry out laws and make policies in different areas such as defense, commerce, and
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