Summary Of Joseph Boyden's Three-Day Road

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Three Day Road is a novel written by Joseph Boyden, the novel was first published in March of 2005. The novel is about a native family from Ontario, where two of the family members travel to Europe “to do their part” in the Great War. The novel also tells a story about how the remaining family member experienced the war from “across the pond”, we can also read flashback of how life was for the family before the war, and the tragic story of the native people of Canada. The novel gives a good picture of how life was in the trenches for the common soldiers of WW1. This essay will discuss physical and psychology stress that was inflicted on the characters during the war. Secondly the essay will discuss any change in moral code and physical appearance…show more content…
When we compare this to when they are in the war Xavier does not enjoy killing but respect his enemy in some form, but Elijah on the other hand is a rootless killer moving through trenches slaughtering and plundering. He is running around and collecting his trophy’s, he have now reached a stage that he almost does not eat any food and basically lives on morphine to get through the day. One could discus that he is now so mentally unstable and that he is more like a wendigo and that his physical appearance starting to reach similarly height of that monsters that kills and eats other humans. In some twisted way, we can almost read that Elijah is feeding of Xavier’s terror, he knows that Xavier’s family have a long line of Wendigo killers, but yet he pursues and bullies Xavier with jokes about eating human flesh. This would help us find explain why in the end Xavier kills his friends, surely it is not the only reason but one can wonder that in grand scheme do really Elijah comprehend how cruel his prank was on his
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