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Chapter 1
1.1 General
The fresh water is very important for all humans, animals, and all living organisms. After the air, water is the most essential component on the earth to sustain life. The main sources of water on the earth are rivers, lakes, underground water, springs, glaciers etc. The total amount of water required for drinking depends on the age of the humans, environmental conditions (eg. summer, winter), availability and the quality of water etc. All living things require water for the survival. Water is used for several activities like drinking, cooking, washing cloths and cleaning floors , gardening and industrial purposes. Water is not only used for the drinking purpose but it is also used for growing vegetation for raising the foods which is also essential for human existence. Fresh water is required for the proper digestion. The average per capita demand of water is considered as 180-230 liters per persons per
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Gwalior is enclosed by industrial and commercial zones of nearby districts (Malanpur in Bhind, Banmor in Morena). It is located at 26.22oN and 78.18oE. It has a sub-tropical climate. Tigra dam is constructed on the Upstream of the Saank River near Gwalior districts. The water of Tigra dam is used for drinking water supply to Gwalior city. Total catchment area of the Tigra dam is 414.24 Sq. Km. River water passed through the many small’s villages and finally joins the Pilua dam constructed at the second end of the river near Morena district. It is a composite dam (Masonry and Earthen) and the catchment area of this dam is 544.30 Sq. Km. Most of the industry are located in Banmor near Nurabad village. The residents of Nurabad village use the river water for their day to day work without any treatment hence this site is selected for dissertation work. The brief details of sampling site are presented in the Table 1.1 and Figure 1.1 gives the location map of the study

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