Essay On Time Perspective

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Time perspective of a Students
By: Nelfa T . Perocho

Time is the most important value in our entire lives as students. A continued progress of existence and events in the past, present, and future regarded as a whole.Some people like reminiscing the good old times, while there are those focused on the future. And some also believe that they cannot change the present because of fate. These perceptions toward times had termed with the psychologists as time perspectives (Adams & White,2009; Crockett, Weinman, Hankins & Martean,2009; Lukavska, 2012: Zimbardo & Boyd,1999,2008).
As students in MSU-IIT under College Education there are many learnings that I’velearned so much especially in academic, social and in physical aspects.As
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• Present hedonistic and - individuals risk taking , hedonistic and typically hold mentality toward life
• Future oriented – reflects on the emphasis on the
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To know or give priorities in important things that need to be done in a time, not wasting time to much an unimportant thing. It is not only for your own self but as your future career and for your students too. Aside from the intellectual knowledge that I learned in College of Education, I’ve learned the true meaning of being a teacher not as the physical appearance but with the insight of it. And also on how we valued a simple thing around us that makes our life better. Being a teacher it is not all on what you have teach in academic way but on how you teach them to have their perspectives in their life for their

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