Essay On Tithing In Genesis 14

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With the above facts and reasons, we can conclude that Abraham did not really tithe in Genesis chapter 14. Even if we still illustrate it as tithing, like the book of Hebrews chapter 7, we can still conclude that this is not the kind of tithe we are talking about in this book and it is not the kind of tithe we know in the church today and it is definitely not the kind of tithe we see on the TVs or hear on the radios today. After all, it was not done with money; it was done with goods. It was not done continuously and regularly; it was done once in a lifetime. It was not done with personal goods but with other people’s goods; it was not done under the command of a preacher but was done as a free will. It was not done out of the fear of being cursed with a curse but was done out of the joy of being blessed and being made a blessing to others. It was not done with the expectation of the windows of heaven opening for blessing but was done out of appreciation and thanksgiving for what GOD had already done. It was not done for justification; Abram was justified by faith.

GOD commanded Abraham in Genesis 17:10 to circumcise his entire household, but there is nowhere in the Bible where GOD commanded him to tithe. So we cannot trace the history of tithing
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Israel was a theocratic state. Theocracy is a form of government in which GOD or a deity is the supreme ruler. The government of any country collects tax for the running of its affairs. Israel cannot be exempted from this. That was why tithing was commanded by GOD to serve in place of tax for the running of its affairs. As you know, tax is not freedom. This is why tithing was not preached in the New Testament. In the New Testament, we operate in freedom. Freely we received and freely we give. People can freely pledge to give a certain amount or percentage of their earnings to GOD every month. It should be done freely and willingly. Not because of being cursed with a
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