Essay On To Kill A Mockingbird Courage

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The Courage in To Kill A Mockingbird Bam! Bam! Bam! “Order in the court! I find the defendant guilty of all charges. You will be hanged for this offense.” This was the sentence for Tom Robinson, a courageous black who stood up to defend himself in court. It took great courage to stand up for blacks back in that time. Atticus Finch was very courageous to stand up for a man who had done no wrong; many people gave him grief for doing his job. There is indeed great courage in this story, not only Atticus’s defense, but in others such as Mrs. Dubose for battling her morphine addiction, and Dill for running away after his parents lost interest in him. In the novel,To Kill a Mockingbird, courageous acts are seen throughout the course of the story, which makes the story far more exciting and adventurous. The first act of courage was demonstrated by Mrs. Dubose for her brave death by not taking her medication and actually dying to rid herself of her…show more content…
He was adopted by his real mother and Step-Father, which didn’t seem interested in Dill at all. According to Dill, “Well, they stayed gone all the time, and when they were home, even, they’d get off in a room by themselves.” (Lee, 143) Dill was cut off from his family and affection so he decided to go back to people who cared about them: The Finch´s. He went indeed a long way to find them, he had gone ¨ten or eleven of the fourteen miles to Maycomb, off the highway in the scrub bushes lest the authorities be seeking him, and had ridden the remainder of the way clinging to the backboard of a cotton wagon.¨ (Lee, 140) For a boy his age, he had been very bold to do this, especially alone. Dill´s courage to leave his home is similar to Bilbo Baggin´s tale of how he left his comfortable home to go on a journey where he may be killed quite easily. In short, Dill was very courageous for his
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