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Common Name: Tobacco Hornworm
Scientific Name: Manduca Sexta
Habitat Information: The habitat of the Tobacco hornworm rages from Southern Canada all the way to down to Argentina. They are most commonly found in the Southern states of the United States, specifically those located on the Gulf Coast. The Tobacco Hornworm lives on the plant on which its egg was first laid.
Diet: The Tobacco Hornworm only feeds on solanaceous plants, which include tomato, eggplant, peppers, potatoes, and tomatillo. This group of plants also includes tobacco and petunia plants, as well as poisonous weeds such as nightshade, Jimsonweed and mandrake. As indicated by the name, Tobacco Hornworms most commonly feed on tobacco plants, and tomato plants as well. Tobacco Hornworms may also feed on other plants or
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Tobacco Hornworms consume large amounts of leave tissue. Multiple larvae can completely destroy a tobacco plant, leaving only the stems behind. Early generations of larvae are the most harmful to the tobacco crops.
Physiology: The Tobacco Hornworm is typically about four inches long. It is green, with seven white stripes. The Tobacco Hornworm has a red horn on its behind. It has multiple small orange spots on its side, known are spiracles, which is what the insect breathes out of. During what is known as the Tobacco Hornworms “wandering phase” the presence of the insect’s aorta, or its heart, is located at the back of the insect and is seen pumping blood.
Why is this organism studied? Tobacco Hornworms are commonly studied in biology for many reasons. Some of these reasons include its short lifestyle, and its large size. The short life style allows individuals to study the cycle in depth, without it taking a very long period of time. In addition, because of the large size of the Tobacco Hornworm, it is easy to dissect, identify and study its

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