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Do you like Tokyo Ghoul Cosplay? It can be hard to find a well made mask online, and you get frustrated enough that you just want to make one at home. If you want to make a good Kaneki ken ghoul mask but can’t find one then you get the materials, take measurements and put it all together. The materials you need are a hot glue gun and a lot of hot glue, Scissors, Ruler, Gesso, black red and white Paint, Paintbrush Craft foam, Black fabric of your choice, Polymer clay, Two to Three zippers, Sew in snaps, Thread, Sewing machine, and plenty of references. When making your pattern there are two methods. Method one is taking measurements of your face from ear to jaw, jaw to chin, over your mouth from your jaw, over your nose from under your ears, and bridge of your nose to chin. For the neck it is chin to collarbone and the area around. When the measurements are done map them out on the craft foam then take the pattern and keep putting it on until you think it fits right. The second method is to plastic wrap the areas of your face that the mask will cover, then surround the plastic wrap in painters tape. Then you cut the mask away from your face where the seams might go and draw out those seams so that you can recreate it out of fabric. You would then transfer…show more content…
Cut out an X in the craft foam and cover it in the type of material used for the mask only after you have rounded the ends of the X. When that part is done you take it and hot glue the edges down while also cutting any imperfections on the edge. Once you have gotten that glued down poke holes into the corners of the eyepatch and stick studs through so it can attach the patch making a whole. The screws are the last step to your kaneki mask, all you need is craft foam, gessoed, silver paint and then to just glue them onto the sides making this a finished project. Now that you have this all done you can wear it to a comicon or around the hows for the fun of

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