Essay On Too Much Money

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Is it possible that having too much money could be a bad thing? You could get anything you wanted, how could that be bad? Having more money than you could ever spend would make your life easier and more pleasant and though these things could be true, if people have the wrong perception and attitude towards money, too much currency could also be a bad thing. The richer class cannot tell right from wrong and they become greedy for money which can result in a deterioration of values. Although money can form bonds through vacations and whatnot, too much of it can affect relationships and the way people view others. Moreover, money can mislead people to make bad choices and influence them to handle their cash in the wrong way. Having an excess amount…show more content…
For one, money makes you proud and arrogant, as it gives you a sense of power that allows you to afford a lifestyle which overrides the others. As an obvious example, we can look at how celebrities behave. Celebrities are too good to be friends with someone they meet in a supermarket, for their wealth isn’t appropriate for their standards. Secondly, the rich tend to solve problems with their money. Those who are wealthy know no different then to solve their struggles with money instead of using a different approach, and therefore don’t know right from wrong. For instance, if you have a wealthy friend that has sincerely hurt your feelings. Their natural response to the situation would be to apologize in forms of giving material objects rather than socially interpreting a proper apology. Lastly, too much money causes people to only care about their own well being. In other words, the rich are too selfish to help those in need of wealth. For example, an average person would give their spare change to help the poor afford a meal, while the wealthy wouldn't even acknowledge the poor when strolling by. All in all, excessive amounts of money deteriorate your values, creating an individual that is greedy, proud and
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