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Tooth Regeneration is a procedure in the field of stem cell biology. Regenerative medicine has always contributed significantly in the field of dentistry; however, research is still ongoing. Different methods and various types of cells are vital in teeth regeneration. Periodontitis and pulpitis disease destroys teeth with periodontal repair. Various techniques are used to aid in the repair process. They include; bone grafting and GTR.

Tooth Regeneration

Tooth regeneration is a procedure in the field of stem cell biology and tissue engineering used to replace stem cell- based regenerative medicine to replace damaged or lost teeth by using stem cells to grow them (Wiki, 2016).The need for replacing
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For practical purposes of tooth regeneration, the challenge remains in obtaining autologous human embryonic dental cells to invent reliable methods to restore teeth of prearranged anatomic shape and size, using cells from post-natal tissues. After several steps, the human ameloblasts transform into human dental enamel. Hence, the human dental epithelial cells are challenging to acquire for the purpose of regeneration because dental epithelial cells have mainly endured cell death proceeding to tooth eruption by transforming into the dental enamel. This paper seeks to create a profile for tooth regeneration that will aid a nursing scholar-practitioner in improving the delivery of healthcare (Snead,…show more content…
This is a procedure completed to replace damaged and lost teeth which result from trauma, malformations, and genetic disorders. It went on to discuss regenerative medicine and the types of cells and methods used for this procedure. The document went on to discuss the how the method of tooth regeneration came into being. Also, periodontitis and pulpitis were also discussed. I hope the information will bring about more awareness of the topic. That person would take better care of their teeth and follow up their family history. I also would like to see that more measures are put in place so more research and strategies would be

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