Teeth Whitening Process

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Frequently asked questions about teeth whitening

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What does the teeth whitening process?
Tooth whitening is a bleaching process that bleaches the discoloration of tooth enamel. Our system uses a safe and effective tooth whitening gel placed in two formable mouth plates that you then have on your teeth for 30-60 minutes. This is done daily until you reach the whitening effect you want. Now you can get a professional whitening treatment without paying lots of money at the dentist. Our method is identical to the one you normally get at the dentist.

How does the teeth whitening process?
An impression of your teeth is made at home with our easy to use moldable mouth trays. You then apply bleaching gel inside the mouth trays and place them over your teeth. Most people see results within a few days. It is excellent to sleep while performing the treatment.
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Tooth whitening is a process that bleaches stains on tooth enamel. Dentway bleaching method, which is identical to that used by dentists, removes stains and whitens your teeth to a dazzling white gently and effectively. While the active ingredients in the gel is broken down, oxygen works on the discolored organic deposits, making teeth white. Years of clinical tests have demonstrated the safety and effectiveness of this system.

What does Dentway bleaching gel?
Dentway new tooth whitening gel is 100% free from hydrogen peroxide, carbamide peroxide and animal waste that is otherwise common in tooth whitening gel. The method is based instead on a complex which is broken down inside the mouth and releasing oxygen in the non-radical form. The oxygen reacts with the organic stains and discoloration of the teeth and oxidizes them, making your teeth whiter and whiter without damaging the teeth.

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