How Earthquakes Changed Our Life

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We have spent years trying to find ways to predict weather patterns, but unfortunately there's still a long way to go because windstorms, earthquakes, floods, diseases, and other types of natural disasters are still striking the earth with a great range in death tolls. Here’s a list of the few catastrophic natural disasters that have changed the lives of many on earth:

Tornadoes form in conjunction with thunderstorms in places where there is moist, warm air ahead of easterly-heading cold fronts. A large thunderstorm that encounters certain atmospheric conditions can produce tornadoes. Tornadoes are one of the most ferocious and fascinating natural weather phenomena. These remarkable weather patterns are famed both for their savage
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The greater the magnitude, the higher the level of casualties and destruction of buildings. The seismicity of an area refers to the frequency of an earthquake. The first main danger of earthquake is the effect of ground shaking. Buildings can be damaged by the shaking or by the grounds beneath them parting. This is also known as ground displacement. If a building or road is built above a fault, the earthquake can fatally rip apart the structure. In addition to this, earthquakes can also cause flooding. Earthquakes can break dams which would cause flooding around the area. This can damage buildings and drown a lot of people as well. Lastly, a major earthquake hazard is fire. Fires can be started by broken gas lines and power lines, or electric shocks. It is also important to note that most of the dangers in earthquake originate from man-made structures themselves. Hence, people should stay alert all the…show more content…
It can cause damages, killing some plants and occasionally animals. Fires also destroy houses and almost anything in it’s’ way. Additionally, the city spends millions of money to fight them with chemicals, logistics, aircrafts and trucks, time and personnel. The economic loss can be huge. The effect wildfires have on watershed is also key. Burned organic matter in the soil also affects the natural layering of the soils. This negatively affects infiltration and percolation, making the soil surfaces water repellent. Water therefore is unable to drain into water tables and the run-offs on the surfaces cause

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