The Role Of Torture In National Security

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According to torture is the intentional harsh physical or mental pain or else suffering for purposes such as causing fear or intimidation, obtaining information or a declaration of guilt, it is being punished for any reason based on unfairness. ( According to National Security is an idea that a government, along with its senate, should protect the state and its citizens against all kind of "national" crises through a variety of power projections, such as political power, economic power, military might and diplomacy. (
Torture in national security is justifiable because it is a way of extracting important information
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The nation can only protect itself to a certain extent but when it comes to terrorist they cannot protect themselves from such people so it is the duty of National Security to step in and to do so they use certain procedures like torture to gain information from the terrorists. If National Security did not use torture to retrieve some of the information it has, then many citizens would be in danger because of timed bombing, assassinations and planned attacks. Not using torture only makes it difficult for National Security to attain information because nobody would be afraid of the treatment they would receive from withholding important information and not only making it difficult but the process of attaining the information without using torture would take longer and for all we know there could be a ticking bomb. Torture is an advanced interrogation technique and people need to understand this. The world is developing and techniques will always change and become better just like technology does. The world cannot stay in the dark. They should let National Security do what they have to do in order to protect the nation.
However, there are many reasons why torture is right and also why it is not right and not acceptable. How do we know that National Security is not just in love with having the power? We can’t let torture be an everyday
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National Security needs to know that torture only increases the number of terrorists because they want to be able to seek revenge. Torture victims usually tell National Security what they want to hear, this view is not only shared by many people but by John McCain, a victim of torture himself. Not only does National Security not hear the truth but using torture jeopardizes their safety. It removes the shame of torturing prisoners and it creates new enemies. Torture creates fake evidence as well as creating more violent conditions for soldiers in the wars for example wars in Iraq and Afghanistan. The methods used for torture are so inhumane that they cannot be tolerated. For those reasons and countless others, I believe that torture is not necessary for national security.
The public believes that National Security uses torture to save the lives of many innocent people, and they also believe that it is temporary pain which is not true. Being tortured becomes psychological a victim of torture will never forget what they might have gone through especially if they were innocent. So in this case torture is definitely not temporary it can be lifelong and unforgettable. So people and National Security should erase the thought of torture being temporary pain especially if they are not a
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