How Did Hitler Use Totalitarianism

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Totalitarianism is defined as a political system in which the state holds total power over the society. This is the political ideology that the Nazi party practiced during its reign from 1933 to 1945 when they lost in WW2. Hitler used totalitarianism to control the German people and inspired loyalty. He achieved complete unity between the state and its people by becoming a totalitarian dictator. Totalitarianism at heart is an ideology that can only be found after the 20th century this is because it requires not only modern technology but also bureaucracy to begin. To continue it requires total unity, obedience, and maintaining a powerful figurehead. It creates an efficient, organized, and stable society. Some countries that practiced a form…show more content…
From here Hitler slowly expanded his power in the government while his supporters formed paramilitary groups like the Schutzstaffel who fought protesters in the streets and helped raise hatred toward Communism and only Hitler could save the country. In 1933 a worker set fire to the parliament building and hitler convinced them to grant him emergency powers. Within a matter of months the freedom of the press was abolished. Hitler's close associates like Joseph Goebbels were in charge of propaganda which was used to paint Hitler as a great Samaritan who was helping Germany back on its feet. Which Hitler did do, lowering the unemployment from nearly 6 million to 1 million. However this did raise the standard of living considering that they were all still being payed the same amount of marks. Most of these jobs came from the rapid militarization of Nazi Germany.Hitler held an omnipotent power during this time as expressed himself as the true embodiment of expression of the German people. He took away civil liberties and on the evening of May 10, 1933, some 70,000 people gathered at the Opernplatz in Berlin. Students carted over 20,000 books to the public square, including works by famous German authors like Heinrich Mann, Erich Maria Remarque and Joachim Ringelnatz to be burned in a cultural incineration. Hitler began to erase the history of a failed Germany and instilled a new one, one where Germany could've won the Great War and began to teach a racial science where the Aryans were the master race. Even going as far as insinuating Jesus as an Aryan man and not of Jewish descent, he repressed religion such as the Catholic Church and the Lutheran Church. In public schools religious instruction held back and omitted the Jewish origin
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