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Tourist attraction is an indispensable component in tourism industry. As the main attractive features of a tourist destination, promote tourism development, actually have various types. The type of attraction this report would focus on is cultural heritage attractions. This kind of attractions are usually products of historical process specific to particular communities such as some historical places, monuments, ancient temples, zoos, aquaria, museums and art galleries, botanical gardens, buildings and structures. Most of this kind of attractions are usually landmarks in those region as well. In order to assure the sustainability of tourism development in those regions, the communities as the rightful owners and interpreters of their own cultures, they should protect these property carefully. That requires the communities achieve it through a strategy of community-based, responsible cultural tourism development.
In the range of cultural attraction there are not only tangible form but also various intangible elements of traditional culture are of interest to tourists. Developing and managing this kind of cultural products properly is especially important to secure economic benefits and facilitate tourist consumption for the local communities. Otherwise, the effects of exposing a traditional host’s culture to tourism can be devastating, leading to a loss of authenticity and a disintegration of the community’s socio-economic structure. (Ivanovic,2008) In addition, built
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Sadly, this kind of circumstance happens, especially in mostly developing countries and LDCs, due to the poor management on cultural tourism development, as the follow figure

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