Essay On Tourism Demand

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Tourism is the temporary moving of people to destination that is beyond the bounds of their usual habitat, the activities that are taking to provide tourists with all necessary conditions and satisfy their needs during staying in destination. Tourism industry has demonstrated an impressive past since 1950s and at the present time shows a powerful development. This progress points to that fact that tourism will have a promising future. However, tourism is surrounded by enormous number of factors that can have a significant influence on evolution of its systems in coming years. One of the main and fundamental elements of touristic sector is demand. Economists define it as economic principal that shows consumer’s intention and desire to buy a certain product or service for a fixed price during specified period of time. For people who is involved in tourism industry the amount of demand is one of the greatest concern. There are basic factors that have an impact on the state of demand – technological, economic, political and socio-cultural circumstances. Technology surrounds us in every part of modern human existence. What is more, it has an unpredictable influence on every sphere of people’s…show more content…
The first important thing is that throughout last decade Europe has simplified crossing its borders and expanded its territory that, in its turn, helped to get rid of some barriers and obstacles that travellers used to face. Without doubt, such pace of development opened up new opportunities for people to travel. Borders act as a barrier and indicate the limits of traveller’s trajectory. One of the most serious threat in modern tourism, that comes from political side, – is a terrorism. Terrorism concerns as well as developed and developing countries and effects in same way, although the problem is that not all government of each country can handle and solve such
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