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Tourism is the leading and most dynamic industry in the world economy. For rapid growth, it recognized the economic phenomenon of the century. In most countries, tourism plays an important role in the formation of the gross domestic product, creating more jobs and providing employment, activation of the foreign trade balance. It has huge impact on some economic sectors as transport and communications, construction, agriculture, consumer goods and others. Tourism is a catalyst for social and economic development. Well-planned tourism leads to benefits for the country. If tourism development is planned unprofessionally, the country will invest in tourism more than income from it. In order that the tourism industry to become profitable, it needs to organize the production and sale of high-quality tourist products and services based on the needs of
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Its existence as a state recognized only by Turkey. The local airport does not appear in the list of The International Air Transport Association (IATA) and to get to North Cyprus by air can be a pre-landing in Turkey. It is worth noting that these conditions increase the costs of transportation of tourists to the place of vacation but tourists still choose it for vacation. Otherwise, the Turkish part of Cyprus is well developed for tourism. Currently, there is an active development of the hospitality industry, including the construction of new hotels. There are accommodations with a large territory or small cozy hotels, designed for 40-60 rooms. Most of the hotels are ready to offer their guests services and entertainment as water parks, huge swimming pools, golf course and casinos. Tourists come to try their luck in the casino, which are an essential attribute of most five-star hotels and charter flights operating during the tourist season, provide maximum comfort

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