Essay On Tourism Expenditure

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Tourism expenditure is defined as “the total consumption expenditure made by a visitor on behalf of a visitor for and during his/her trip and stay at destination” (United Nations/World Tourism Organization,1994). Expenditure on the trip has usually been used as a measure of demand for travel goods and services in tourism research (Dardis et al., 1981; Davies and Mangan, 1992; Cai et al., 1995; Jang et al., 2002). The tourism industry in the world experience continuous growth and expanding diversity to become one of the fastest sectors. Also, travel and tourism produce jobs and provoke affluence across the world. The tourism growth globally paced with lots of opportunities and new options for today’s traveler especially on recreation and entertainment when it comes to expenditures. Traveling from one place to the other, exploring various destinations, exceeding the extremes, trying foreign delicacies and engaging oneself to different cultures. These are just some of the things that travelers would like to attain when they are traveling to different places or countries. The growing influence of tourism to the economy has been accompanied by an increased interest in understanding the factors which influence tourist…show more content…
Prior research shows that leisure constraints assist in understanding the factors and influences that shape people’s everyday leisure behavior (Samdahl and Jekubovich, 1997). Several previous travel and tourism marketing industry sources indicated sociodemographic, travel-related, and psychographic variables that impact consumer behavioral and motivational differences among different segments of the tourism market. However, such studies are still very limited, and there is a lack of supporting empirical works in the tourism consumer behavior literature (Lawson,
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