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Bhutan festival tour

Bhutan has many things to offer from light adventure to cultural tours all year round. Depending on the interest of the clients and the level of fitness one can embark on different grade of treks or simple visit on a relaxing sightseeing tour.

For people who are interested in culture and uniqueness of a country Bhutan festival tour is one product, which might interest them. Our festivals are celebrated through out the year. We have festivals small and big for every occasion. We celebrate from a birth of a child to various small festivals at local level. Our festival list is never ending but one very popular and big festival celebrated around the country is the tshechu festival.

Tshechu festival is celebrated on the tenth day of an auspicious month to commemorate the great saint or the second Buddha
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We have few hotels in many towns in Bhutan so booking in advance can guarantee you good hotels.

If you want to combine your tour in Bhutan with one of the festivals then you will have to book with us in advance. Late booking cannot guarantee good hotels which is important for a comfortable stay. All the hotels that we use are clean and comfortable but advanced booked hotels are better in terms of modern amenities.

Book a Bhutan festival tour with us and we will give you all the information. We will give you the hotels available and other activities you will do with us. We can discuss your day to day itinerary and add anything that is of special interest to you. Bhutan is a unique country and we will make sure you enjoy a unique experience with us. We offer you a very modest price with services uncompromised. We will book you the best hotels depending on the availability and provide you good transportation and guide. We guarantee you that you take back beautiful memories of this tiny kingdom. Book now and enjoy great

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