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Entertainment is one of the popular niche of tourism in the world today. Entertainment is important today in our fast paced stressful society, without it, the world would be dull. The reason behind this is that entertainment provides amusement and leisure for an individual hence entertainment plays a vital role for tourists when selecting a country to travel to. Entertainment may come in unique various forms in Brunei. Brunei is a sultanate with a population with slightly over 400,000 that makes use of their strong sense of culture and heritage with some notable attractions. However, it has restrictions and limitations in terms of divertissement due to the Sharia Law. Brunei, the kingdom of unexpected treasures offers a variety of distinct…show more content…
On the other hand, Brunei is only bounded with notable attractions as it has not much other enjoyment to offer. As entertainment is important, especially for countries that relys on a single industry such as Brunei 's oil and gas industry, it is possible for entertainment to increase tourists and provide additional income for the country. In the 1990s, Brunei 's theme park – Jerudong Park was opened but in the mid 2000s it had to be closed down due to overdue debts. It re-opened in the year 2014, as stated by Zailani in the Brunei Times, and had attracted over 200 thousand people. Despite that, in comparison to Malaysia 's Sunway Lagoon it had attracted 1.2 million in 2012 as reported by Judith Rubin (2013), this indicates that there is not much success. Since the reopening, the park struggled to attract customers and it is becoming vacant. Entertainment is deterioating as the government does not approve of public concerts. In example, on December 13, MAGICLEE Entertainment was set to perform however their performace had to be cancelled as it was not approved by the Ministry of Home Affairs, stated by Izzan Kassim. As well as Brunei had ban Christmas over fears that public celebrations of the festival could lead to potentially Muslims going astray, claimed by Jack Crone. Therefore, entertainment in the country had taken a toll due to its narrow choice of entertainment available and

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