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Tourism in Cambodia In Cambodia, tourism is known as a key sector of industry income since it has played as a vital role to develop economic of Cambodia. According to Ministry of Tourism in 2016, Cambodia had welcome about 5,011,712 visitors rose by 5% in which include 2 million of ASEAN population had visited Cambodia which considered as 42.3% and has risen by 1.1% from the previous year which bring US$3,212 million in revenue. These show that tourism in Cambodia is growing rapidly, and it leads to economic growth in Cambodia. Moreover, Tourism sector is counted as 41% of the total GDP in 2012. Therefore, tourism in Cambodia creates more job opportunities, attract investors, and exchange goods and services. Firstly, Tourism is significant…show more content…
Due to the fact that tourism is one of the largest sectors in Cambodia, both local and international investors will find it beneficial to invest on tourism site. Because of the cooperation between Cambodian government and foreign investors, we can obviously see that some places have been developed especially ecotourism sites. Most of the time, they focus on hotels and restaurants. As we can observe, many hotels and restaurants have been created in only these past few years. Moreover, some of them are investing more and more on resorts that can allow people to have a long holiday there. By doing that, they can get a lot of income from their business, and at the same time they are attracting more investors to come to Cambodia. Last but not least, ASEAN Economic Community is designed to establish a single market and production of all the ASEAN members. It also encourages in purchasing domestic goods and services. As we know that when foreigners come to visit they must spend money on their daily life in buying foods, drinks, products, tickets, and many more. For example, they must want to know Khmer culture, traditional food, dances, or unique festivals in Cambodia. These can attract more tourists to visit and buy the domestic goods and services of

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