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3.4 Numbers of visitors In tourism industry number of visitors or tourist plays an important role. The development of any tourist destination depends upon the flow of tourist. Solapur is having number of existing and potential tourist destinations such as Pandharpur, Akkalkot, Akluj and Solapur city having important tourist destinations, where lakhs of tourists visits regularly.According to the final report 2011-2012 of tourism statistics of Maharashtra, 6385115 visitors are visited to Solapur district during April 2011 to March 2012. According to this report there are four famous tourist destinations in Solapur district. They are Pandharpur, Akkalkot Solapur, City and Akluj. Table No 3.11 Tourist Destination…show more content…
of India (2011&12)

The above table shows total number of visitors in Solapur district according to the tourist destinations. According to the table there is Pandarpur tousrist destinations have highest number of tourist which is percentage of total number of tourists in Solapur district.

3.5 Types of visitors and their visiting periods There are different types of visitors. Here researcher consider the three types of tourists or visitors. They as follows
Local tourists : It includes the local heritage lovers, students and shopholics and people who interested in fairs and festivals.
Domestic tourist : It is tourists coming from rest of India.
International tourist : It include the tourist which are out of India. On the basis of these types of visitors or tourists researcher observe the some specific period in which visitors visit the Solapur district.
Table No3.12 Types of visitors and their visiting period
Sr. No Types of visitors Visitors visiting

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