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Tourism industry is the world’s largest industries that have potential contributions to substantial environmental and socio-economic improvements and to make the sustainable development of the society and nations.
In Hong Kong, tourism industry is the one of major pillars of economy. Government has an important role to develop, promote premier tourism industry and attract foreign funds investment. This essay will examine the role and responsibility of the government and how effort of the government supports the tourism industry.

In May 1999, the Government has established Tourism Commission (TC) for enhancing tourism facilities and supports the development of new attractions and events to maintain Hong Kong as a premier tourist destination.
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A policy Quality Tourism Services (QTS) Scheme administered by HKTB, which makes it easy for tourists to find shops, restaurants and budget tourist accommodation. All QTS accredited establishments must pass annually rigorous assessments for maintaining high standards of product quality and service that make confidence to the tourists. It seems that most of famous jewellery and watch retailers have been QTS-accredited such as Luk Fook , Chow Tai Fook, Chow Sang Sang, Oriental Watch and etc. The Government also made promotion movie with present by well-known Hong Kong super star such as Jackie…show more content…
On the other hand, Government had implemented special measure to increase Mainland visitor accessing Hong Kong. There have a period range from 7 to 180 days visa free grant to around 170 countries’ visitors whose come to Hong Kong. For Mainland visitor, there have 49 Mainland cities can visit Hong Kong individually through the Individual Visit Scheme which signed the Closer Economic Partnership Arrangement on 28 July 2003. The above policies contribute to boost the tourist visit Hong

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