Essay On Tourism Policy

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In every country, public transportation has been the modest way for tourist to travel around the city or town. Public transport such as buses, trains and taxi are among the favourite transportation use to explore and experience interesting places. Many tourists want to enjoy the beauty of the islands and the beaches in Malaysia. Therefore, Government should increase public services such as boat or ferry from the mainland to the island. For instant, Vienna is one of most extensive tram or streetcar networks in the world. Tourists found that it is easy to travel from one place to another place without any problem. Thus, the Government should allocate more budgets mainly to build and improve extensive public transportation.
In fact, another alternative that government can
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The policy is important in such a way to help in transforming Malaysia’s economy as high income country, promotes healthcare and environment awareness, emphasize social integration and introduce tourism as high level education programmes. Implementation of the policy is through several agencies under Ministry of Tourism and Culture Malaysia (MOTAC), National’s Plan, legal framework and association with private companies. Besides that, there many success stories that have been recorded as well as drawback stories of implementing tourism policy. Success stories have brought Malaysia on top of other big country in terms of tourism sector. Most of the drawback stories happen outside out of Malaysia that affects the country directly and indirectly. Moreover, few suggestions has been identified and listed to improve, control, preserve and expand tourism industry in Malaysia into new level same with other country. Thus, it is important to ensure that National Tourism Policy being used as guideline and framework for tourism industry to develop plan and strategies for tourism industry as well as other related
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