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Top tourist cities to get around in Vietnam Vietnam is famous for its various fascinating sites from north to south, rich culture and friendly people. So why don’t you choose Vietnam as a must-see destination for your next holiday? Before traveling to Vietnam, let’s go through top tourist cities in Vietnam that you should take a visit 1. Hanoi Hanoi, the capital city of Vietnam, is where you can find the perfect harmony between modern and traditional things. In there, you can easily find colonial French-style architectures, thousand-year-old pagodas and modern skyscrapers all situated on the same street. There are several choices for a thrilling and exciting excursion in Hanoi. Inside a modern and vibrant city, there appears an Old Quarter – the symbol of the city. It comprises many small streets which were named after the goods traded in each street like Hang Bac (Silver Product), Hang Go (Wood Product), Hang Ma (Paper Product), etc. To deeply discover the Old Quarter in Hanoi, let’s take a walk through the streets to enjoy locals ' daily life, the colorful souvenir shops and the old-style narrow streets and houses. Then, try some tasty traditional foods of Hanoi such as Bun Cha, Pho, Banh Mi, etc. It will surely satisfy your appetite! You can also visit some famous sites nearby the…show more content…
More and more visitors make their trip to Da Nang to experience its impressive landscapes, friendly people and unique culture. Da Nang ‘s attractions range from white-sand beaches, tropical forests on Son Tra Peninsula, Ba Na Hills Mountain Resort to Fantasy Park Indoor Entertainment Zone. Among its wonderful beaches, My Khe is the most beautiful and outstanding one. Its smooth white sand, clear water, little waves and beautiful areas surrounded make it an ideal place for relaxing. The best time to visit Da Nang is from April to May, when the weather is not too hot and suitable for swimming and outdoor

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