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Introduction Toxic Shock Syndrome is known as TSS. Toxic shock syndrome is a rare disease; however, when the disease is contracted it can be deadly. Nearly 50% of those diagnosed with the disease will face deadly symptoms. Toxic shock syndrome is often associated with women wearing tampons for too long. However, there are many causes of toxic shock syndrome. The disease is not as common as it used to be, but on average 65-120 people pass away from this disease a year. (CNN). In this paper, I will discuss the causes of toxic shock syndrome, side effects of the disease, the treatment for the disease, and lastly how to prevent the disease from occurring. Causes of Toxic Shock Syndrome For many years toxic shock syndrome was only correlated with tampons. According to CNN Health, toxic shock syndrome “is a potentially fatal disease that is caused by bacteria. It is a form of blood poisoning that results when poisons (toxins) are released by the suspect bacteria” (CNN). These toxins can have deadly effects on the patient. According to reporter Kaitlyn Naples who reported Teen warns others about the dangers of Toxic Shock Syndrome, “Toxic Shock Syndrome first made headlines in 1980 when it was blamed for the deaths of nearly 40 women who used to rely on super absorbent tampons” (Naples). Thankfully, during the 1980’s scientist were able to relate the syndrome back to tampon use. Wearing a tampon for too long can cause this syndrome. Tampons can trap bacteria while in the…show more content…
(New York Times) Typically these symptoms are quick and severe. Patients will likely contact their physicians or seek medical help because the symptoms are so severe. If these symptoms begin to appear during a woman 's menstrual cycle it is recommended she seeks medical help immediately. Treatment for the

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