Traction Alopecia Research Paper

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Traction Alopecia - Stimulating Hair Growth & Faster Growth Rate

Traction alopecia is a kind of alopecia and alopecia is the loss of hair because of a particular cause. Traction alopecia is when you get alopecia because of a constant pulling or tension on the roots of your hair. You can get two kinds of traction alopecia, temporary and permanent. Whether temporary or permanent, traction alopecia can be disastrous to your hairs condition.
I found myself in this position nearly 7 years ago. I found myself with a case of traction alopecia. This was only a temporary case and the cause of this was my improper weave care. The main area affected was my hairline. I still think about the experiment.
If you are one of the many women who have struggled
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It helps with circulation to your scalp. This improved circulation means your follicles get more nutrients and oxygen. This then allows for more hair growth. You have to do a 10-minute scalp massage each night before going to sleep. To do this, do use your fingers to do circular motions on your scalp.
This one word alone can be your strongest defense against traction alopecia.
Prevention is always better than cure.
You have to eliminate the root of the problem. Traction alopecia is caused by constant pulling on your roots. This can be caused by many things. The most common cause is when people wear hairstyles that too tight frequently. These kinds of hairstyles are tight ponytails, pigtails and weaves. The ideal way to wear these styles would be to first have them put in a little loose and secondly to leave a week or two between styling, so your hair can have a rest.
As we have mentioned earlier traction alopecia can be both temporary or it can be permanent. So, you have to be careful, because even a little tension can be the last straw and lead to irreversible damage.
When I found myself in that situation 7 years ago, it was a wake up call to stop my bad hair habits and to start making the correct choices for my hair and for my overall wellbeing. This has made all the

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