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Trade protectionism issues in international business

Recently,International trade at a rapid rate in the development,as we all know, in international have so many issues and problems to prevent development.For example,employees issues,environmental issues,different countries or cultural issues,ethical issues,social issues,economic issues and trade protectionism .But i think in recently year so many countries want to get a high profit to against these rules.So in my opinion, the most important issues is trade protectionism.So today i want to talk about this issue. INTRODUCTION
Trade protectionism, is that performed in foreign trade restrictions on imports and export to protect its domestic market from foreign trade in goods
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As we all know the trade protectionism, it is a kind of pressure to protect domestic industries from foreign competition and to set high tariffs and import quotas limit imports or other reducing imports of economic polity. It is the opposite of free trade mode, which makes imports exempt from tariffs, can make foreign products with the domestic markets, and not make them bear the heavy tax burden of domestic manufacturers.
Why the countries want implement trade protectionism?
Mainly to protect the domestic market to promote the development of domestic capacity. This is the purpose of trade protection early mercantilism is very different. Mercantilist import restrictions to encourage exports, its purpose is to accumulate gold and silver wealth; the purpose of trade protection is claimed to improve the productivity of wealth creation. Expressions are: export subsidies, import tariffs and import quotas. Extensive use of a variety of countries to restrict imports to protect domestic markets from competition from foreign goods, and domestic goods preferential treatment and subsidies to encourage

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