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Traditional architecture refers to people 's homes or other buildings, which were constructed by the owner or community, linked with the environmental contexts and associated resources and utilized traditional technologies. The form and design of basic shelters evolved with centuries of traditional wisdom to best lessen the extremities of local climatic conditions and to feel better inside the dwellings. Traditional Turkish house types vary and they adapt to their geological and climatic conditions (Eldem, 1984; Küçükerman, 1985; Günay, 1998). Materials and construction methods are selected locally and they are used according to these conditions. Mostly each house has a space suitable to use in summer and another in winter. The most distinctive factor for the formation of the houses is the material as well as the most characteristic factor for the usage of the material is climate and environment. The climate affects the creation of natural material and houses are designed appropriately for…show more content…
The temperature at the ground floors is low. There are backyard gardens with trees. The grounds of the gardens are usually covered with river stones coming from nearby. In the garden, there used to be a poultry house or a cote. The staircase is timber. In a number of houses, it is possible to see mezzanines which are mostly used in winter. The main living area is the upper floor. The upper floor is carried by heavy walls or wooden columns. Planning is usually with two, three or four rooms with a sofa. All the ceilings are covered by wooden coverings, with decorations in differing magnitudes. Outer wall coverings are related to the construction system; sometimes the walls have not been covered at all. Inner wall surfaces have been covered by either plaster or wood. Window widths are between 40-90 cm and window heights are between 40-200

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