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Traffic accidents have always made one of the biggest financial costs for human in transportation through the history. However, the total cost of an accident is far more than the financial costs, which are the first, and sometimes even the cheapest costs of an accident. The real costs are the marginal costs, like human life as one of them, which worth more than anything. Even life of just one individual is not compensable by any amount of money. The result of such loss would affect all aspects of life of a person, members of the family and the society. But those evaluations are out of the concentration of this study. The following paragraphs represents some records of the financial costs of accidents. According to the statistical database of the Organisation for Economic Co-Operation and Development (OECD, 2016), the global number of fatal accidents was 78,139 in 2014. This number is presented as 69,891 for the year 2015, however, this number does not include the related data of the year…show more content…
Also, nearly 78 respondents (73%) on this study chose safety as the greatest benefit of self-driving cars. (Schoettle and Sivak, 2014b) examined 1,533 individuals over 18 years old in three major English-speaking countries of the US, UK, and Australia. When respondents were asked about how likely they think of the safety benefits by using completely self-driving vehicles, nearly 70% of total respondents answered ‘likely’ for fewer accidents, 72% for reduction of severity of accidents and 68% for improving emergency response to accidents. When (Casley et al., 2013) were assessing appeals of AVs on 450 respondents, they found that 82.41% of the participants ranked personal safety and safety of people around them as the most important reason for adopting an

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