Essay On Traffic Accidents In China

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Reasons of such high accidents might vary due to large population of Chinese citizens. The sources of accidents mainly caused by human factors, road design, and vehicle design and maintenance. Human factors in vehicle collisions includes all the corresponding factors related to drivers and other road users. It is said that roughly 93% cause of the crash are caused by human error [4]. The reasons are then further classified such as usage of mobile device, perception – reaction time, speed of the vehicle, and driver impairment which includes: alcohol, fatigue, age, and distraction. Additionally, road design also contributes as one of the main reasons for traffic incident. Although most of them also involves human factors in it. Furthermore, the…show more content…
Transport in China has experienced rapid growth and expansion throughout the last couple of decades. In China alone, traffic accidents claims huge amount of human lives annually. Although the vast majorities caused injuries, not a few of them leads to fatalities and deaths. Based on the data acquired from the Chinese government, there is a decline trend for the total overall traffic crash or accident throughout the years, this is a positive sign which indicates that the traffic management in China undergo a drastic improvement. Integrated transportation is a necessity to accommodate such a large scale traffic, especially when it comes to Public Holidays where majority of the citizens will return back to their own hometown. Nowadays, china has built a comprehensive transportation to implement that integrated transportation system which includes airports, trains, ports, waterways, and subways that are all considered to be world class. However, it turns out that the rapid construction and development only concentrated in the more economically developed coastal areas and inland cities along major

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