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An Endless Problem: Traffic Accidents in Kuwait Abstract A great number of traffic accidents take place in the State of Kuwait every year. Traffic accidents are considered the ninth cause of death around the world. Moreover, it’s supposed to be the second cause of death by 2020. The traffic accidents cost the global economic about 518 billion US dollars annually as a result of crashes and damages of roads and properties. The Middle East countries are in the top of the international annual ranking of traffic accidents and Kuwait is one of the highest amongst them with 28 deaths per 100,000 vehicles. It seems to be and endless problem because both of deaths number and the costs of losses are increasing year after year. We prepared this paper trying to find some solutions for this continuous problem as well as a kind of social responsibility towards this issue. Key words: deaths, young people, high speed, strict laws, cameras. Introduction Can you imagine that traffic accidents’ victims exceed one million people every year? 20 to 50 million people injured or disabled every year? According to the international statistics, traffic accidents cause 3,242 deaths…show more content…
Widening the roads: one of the well-known solutions of traffic accidents is widening the roads in order to give more space for cars which will decrease the traffic jam as well as the traffic accidents. Kuwait performs an annual maintenance to all the roads so it allocates an annual budget for this purpose. However, some roads and towns entrances must be widened in order to absorb the great numbers of cars in Kuwait. The problem in Kuwait motorway systems is in some areas which affects other areas in Kuwait. You can find the traffic flows smoothly in Ahamdi while it’s always crowded in Salmiya and Hawalli so the problem should be solved initially in these areas. Each area should have different entrances to avoid any traffic jam at these points which are considered the bottlenecks between roads or

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