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Congestion is a condition on networks that exist as excessive fullness where the state of being overcrowded, especially with traffic or people. It is easily to recognize as roads filled with vehicles such as car, trucks, and buses. Sidewalks which filled with pedestrians also defined as congestion on the roadways.
In the transportation realm, the congestion usually occurs when the increases in demand on vehicles by the road user become higher as increasing use of privately-owned vehicles for limited road space approaches full capacity, inconsistency between land use plan and transportation plan, the slower speed of using the vehicles due to accident and also the congestion that happen on particular time that resulted by peak of the day, event and season. These causes has brought into traffic congestion in certain country.
The expansion of social and economic activities has resulted in rising traffic congestion and environmental degradation following the transportation issues in Jakarta Metropolitan area and also at the roadways in Kuala Lumpur,
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It is consistent and repetitive in that peak usage periods occur regularly and can be predicted with a high degree of reliability. Peak usage period usually occurs at the time of “rush hour” whereby the users of vehicle on the road are busy to reach their destination in a specific time that they require to be arrived. These are risky and potential in resulting traffic congestion at the roadways.
Unusual circumstances could happen at any time during the peak hour such as crashes or accidents which can dramatically change the performance of the roadway and affecting both travel speeds and throughput volumes. It could generate to traffic congestion and the flow of vehicle at the roadways become slower since the capacity of road space is full with

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