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Chapter 1: Introduction 1.1 Problem summary: - As we all know the traffic is the major problem of now days. Right now, there are so many things are implemented to avoid the traffic but there are still problems are there. So, we are going to give solution for the density using automation. As we can see on the road there is such a heavy rush at every traffic signals. Problems like if there is 4 lanes are there so at their some time it happens that in 1 lane there is less rush and in lane 2 there is more rush but the timing of the signal are same so problem in that is the lane which need more time to pass that don’t gets the proper time and the lane which don’t need the time that is given to pass that will wasted. This is the major problem.…show more content…
Then second thing is that if ambulance is in hurry there is an emergency but due to heavy traffic ambulance don’t reach the hospital on time and patient die or harmed more. So, by automation process we can solve this all problems. 1.2 Aim and Objective Of the Project: - Here we are going to make the project on the traffic density control system. It is basically use to control the traffic density. In our project, at any particular lane containing more than the expected traffic is present then this lane will be provided more time to be pass. Similarly if the next cross road contain more traffic then it will be shown in the previous cress road in the LED then when the traffic is heavy at the next cross road then the driver can decide to chance the rout which can save his tine. So, it can vary much helpful for the traffic and if there is more traffic then it will sense by the sensor on the roads at some distance. At the lane number 11 then sig is red, when the green will get off and the traffic will get off at lane 1. After that at the lane 2 the green light will get on and the red light get off. When the green light is near to be off then at that time the yellow light will get on the yellow light will

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