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Miss. Dubal Priyanka M1, Mr. Nanaware J.D2
1M. E. Electronics (II), Department of Electronics Engineering; K.B.P. college of Engineering, Satara,
Dist-SATARA; Maharashtra, India 2Associate Professor , Department of Electronics Engineering; K.B.P. college ofEngineering , Satara,
Dist-SATARA; Maharashtra, India Abstract:According to traffic accident data, the highest traffic accident occurs at curve road during the night time. Night time driving with existing conventional headlamps is particularly unsafe because it does not provide illumination in the right direction on curve roads. Due to this constrain, a need to understand an alternative technology solution to improve visibility for driver at night time during curve road .The proposed new adaptive
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In order to enhance safety driving at night, an adaptive front-lighting system (AFS) of automobile controlled by core of electric control unit. The AFS is based on the steering wheel angle and speed changes to adjust light axis angle to light up the road in the front, so the drivers' security vision are improved. The work principles of the AFS and control model and hardware circuits are particularly described which helps to avoid the blind spot at the corner. In Development of Automotive adaptive front Lighting System, 32 bit LPC2148 an ARM7 series microcontroller is used to control the motorpotentiometer is used as steering angle sensor. It is expected that the position of the headlight will change in accordance with the steering shaft. The potentiometer, attached with the steering shaft, takes input from steering shaft sends analog signal to the ADC. This helps in horizontal movement of the headlamp

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