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We have the luxury of getting places in many different ways where that be by car, bike, plane, boat, or simply walking. Another way to conveniently get around is by train. However, just like all the other ways of transportation, trains can be dangerous. Trains are a hazard to both drivers and pedestrians. We have tried to make it as safe as possible for everyone by having signs, bells, and gates that all protect us from an oncoming train. There are simple signs that let you know that the area is a train crossing. These signs can be yellow with a black X through it and has two R’s. A light train sign will usually be a white triangle and have a picture of the light train.Bells are another good indicator that there is a train coming so you should be cautious when approaching.…show more content…
When you are walking and approach a train crossing it’s best to put your phone away and turn off music if you are listening to it so you can also hear the bells. It can also be a good habit to take your hood off if you are wearing one so you have a better view of your surroundings.Gates are very helpful when you encounter a railroad crossing. Lights will begin to flash and the gate will go down across the road to prevent you from crossing the tracks. It’s never a good idea to cross the tracks when the gates are down because it can get you killed. The gates warn you that a train is coming so you should always trust the gates and never try to beat it to cross the tracks. Trains cannot swerve to avoid what is on the tracks and since trains are so heavy it can be hard to stop the train too. Never play or walk on railroad tracks for fun or as a shortcut because it’s trespassing and it could cost you your life. Conductors are usually the last person to see what’s on the track, therefore you can’t count on them to stop. It’s also not a good idea to try to beat a train across the

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