Essay On Transatlantic Export Slavery

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Compare the motives for Transatlantic export slavery and the modern system of human trafficking. Also, compare the impact on the lives of individuals who are victimized by each system. For hundreds of years, much of the world relied on slave labor to grow, build, and refine many essential materials. Commonly, slaves were captured in Africa and sent to the Caribbean, North America, or South America. There, slaves were forced into grueling manual labor and given little supplies to live on while being physically and verbally abused constantly by their white masters. By forcing slaves into these terrible conditions, white masters were able to easily produce valuable goods and sell them, sharing none of the profits with the hardworking slave laborers. Humans all around the world relied on the goods produced by slaves and, around the world, whites made large economic gains off the backs of forced slave labor. However, slavery is not an ancient issue and today, individuals are victimized everyday by the merciless system of human trafficking. The Transatlantic export slave system and human trafficking both provided and provide valuable economic opportunities to the…show more content…
Just as manual labor was the main job for many slaves in the past due to the economic impact of farming, many slaves now are used as sex slaves. This comes as a result of slavery being illegal, and slaveholders need to keep their slaves a secret. Nowadays, slavery is not as cut and dry as it was 300 years ago. Today, slavery comes in many forms and it may be hard to tell if someone is being kept beyond their will. However, just like slavery in the past, human trafficking is a inhumane system that profits off the backs of unwilling laborers and just as countries stopped slavery in the past, countries need to make an effort to limit the amount of human trafficking
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