Essay On Transformational Leadership

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8. Transformational Leadership. The concept of transactional and transformational leadership were brought into being by Burns after an in depth study on political leadership. In Transformational leadership the leader influences the behaviour of the follower to achieve the goals of higher order, for example the good of the group or organization, and transcend the self – interest of basic needs. Admiral Horatio Nelson was noted for his ability to inspire and bring out the best in his men. Considering his time and when faith, heroism and charisma would dominate the imagination of the leaders – analysing Horatio Nelson on the frame work of a transformational leader appears to be more relevant. a. Charisma or Idealized Influence. Charisma is the power of person to have…show more content…
Intellectual Stimulation. Consultation with the followers makes them aware of the problems and involved in their solution. d. Individualized Consideration. Transformational leaders show consideration for the individual development. They are willing to listen, ready to delegate and appreciate a job well done. 10. Leadership is a widely discussed subject with a wide variety school of thought to interpret it. There are different models and approaches to analyse or practice leadership. However, one of the most popular theories of leadership in modern day is transformational leadership. For this paper the transformational leadership approach of Bernard M Bass has been chosen to analyse the leadership of Admiral Horatio Nelson. Additionally, ‘Guideline for Transformational Leadership’ table will be used to measure his leadership style appropriateness as a transformational leader. WAS NELSON A TRANSFORMATIONAL LEADER? 11. General. From the theory above we have already come to know the components of transformational leadership. Now we will make a careful investigation using the tool of Ronald E Riggio for measuring transformational leadership to assess Horatio Nelson as a transformational
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