Essay On Transgender Service In The Military

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Transgender faced scrutiny for wanting the right to do something as simple as serve in the armed forces. In the same instance, heterosexual people serve in the armed forces and take the right to serve for granted. Even though people that consider themselves transgender faced discrimination, they still chose to fight for the right to risk their lives for their country. Many transgender choose to serve in the armed forces to show people that they are worthy of the same rights as a heterosexual individual; therefore, they are trying to earn the status as being equal in this part of our society as well as the rest of society. They want to give back to this country, also. Through education and the change of policies, this has become a goal within reach, especially in the armed forces where a transgender can and will be treated as a soldier in the present military. Transgender's Service in the U. S. Military…show more content…
This paper will attempt to explain or give insight to the struggle that the people, that consider themselves to be a transgender, have experienced and what was the outcome when integrating into the military forces. This is an attempt to define what a transgender is or what it means to be a transgender in order to help clear up misconceptions about individuals and to help educate people in order to avoid future ignorance. In addition, we will explore the effect on a transgender they announced themselves to be a transgender in the different military branches. Lastly, we will explore how transgender in the military effect other service members, job performance, rules and regulations, and the overall atmosphere of transgender in the

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