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Since transit capacity deals with the movement of both people and vehicles it is different than highway capacity, also it will be affected by the size of the vehicle and operating policy of the transit agency. But what generally control transit capacity are two factors first is the critical stops (BRT stop or LRT stop/station) where boarding or alighting off passengers takes place, the second factor is the station or point the vehicles terminate or turnaround from. The capacity of stops is actually determine the capacity of the public transit system, and the real bottlenecks for transit operations happen there. As a consequence, the capacity of the system will be limited by the capacity of the critical stop at the critical period; that is…show more content…
There are four major factors that will impact person capacity (Sigurd Grava, 1981): The maximum number of vehicles per transit unit The capacity of transit vehicle The minimum headway, or time spacing between individual vehicles The number of movement channels, loading positions, or station platform capacity These factors divided to two groups, the first group depends vehicle characteristics (Factors 1 and 2), the second group governed by dwell time (factors 3 and 4). Dwell time is proportionate to the boarding and alighting volumes times the service time per passenger, and it can also influence a transit operator’s service cost (HCM, 2000). Vehicle Capacity In vehicle capacity the number of people that can be carried must be reflect. Therefore the number and size of operating vehicles effect on number of people that can be carried. The vehicle capacity in terms of transit vehicle per hour is defined

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