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How To Cope During Your Kids Transition To Adulthood
Parents should understand that it is normal to go through a different emotional period when their kid appears to lack a clear plan during the transition to adults.
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It is a difficult phase for parents when children move into adulthood. Parents are obviously restless with the increasing number of parties, open houses, camping trips, and sleepovers.
In addition to all this, their child does not seem to have a clear vision or plan as they transit into adulthood. It is no more the truck drivers, pilots, or race jockeys that they wanted
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These emotions arise when you see your child’s peers doing better than your child does, and you tend to blame yourself for your child’s failure and lack of direction. Just remember, that it is too early to blame yourself or your kid. They are going through their happiest days, and there is no need to spoil that, as it will never return. Besides, only a few failures make a person successful. So never, ever be judgmental at this phase. Just promote open communication, identify his or her likes, dislikes, and slowly channel that into what you feel best for them. Never ever feel guilty, resent just because their peers are doing better. Just remember, most of the leaders are mostly…show more content…
The ones, most of us were given a good measure of. Hard work, spend little, save more, gratefulness, being polite, giving to the less fortunate and the rest. Of course, today it would be whether to upgrade to the latest iPhone and other gadgets. Of course, this is entirely a personal choice. It all depends on the openness you share with your kids. There is no harm in providing what they want as long as you feel they deserve it. If you feel that they should earn and buy what they want, that too is entirely your choice. In short, be the parent that you want to be rather than being the parent that the others want you to

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