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SYNTHESIS 1. Airport: W-questions + prepositions. Airport Debate over public transportation in Bogota. Students will be divided vocabulary and expressions. into 2 groups. One group is going to stand up for the public transportation in Bogota and the other it’s going to be against it. 2. Bus station. Schedules, Modifiers. -ing form as a Students on each group have to note down their ideas (as homework) noun. supporting the group’s point of view. Each idea has to start with a general point of view and then provide an explanation. 3. Train station: Do you know when the train Ex: The public transportation in Bogota is useful because people from arrives? Direct and Indirect questions. many places can travel long distances.…show more content…
Our grandparent’s life vs our current life: Simple past vs Simple. Expressions “no longer” “anymore”. Comparisons. 2. Our country in the past: Simple past yes/no questions. Describing the past. Antonymous words. Have to” past tense. 3. Different points of view: What was colonization for Spaniards and for indigenous? W-questions + Simple past. 4. Jobs that no longer exist: Describing past jobs and past actions. Past Simple full review. Adverbs of manner. 5. Ways in which you were more free in the past: Things that were permitted in the past that you can’t do anymore. Use of Could. Use of “ago”. 6. Project presentation and portfolio. GRAMMATICAL CONTENT: Past simple, comparisons, modal verb can, time expressions. COMMUNICATION: Narrating, comparing, describing the past SYNTHESIS Students must think about how their life could have been if they would have been born 50 years ago. After that they have to narrate a story of their life in this fake past by making use of Past simple. Ex: … I was born in 1660. My father was a farmer and my mother too. My name was Pepe. I didn’t study any career because young people were not having the chance to study 50 years ago… Instead I worked as a…show more content…
Roots of our culture: Ethnicity in Colombia, the Colombian culture. Use of “From… To… Until…” Past Simple 2. Music: Music subcultures. Quantifiers with uncountable nouns (all of, most of, none of.) 3. Dancing: Dances across the world. adverbadjective collocations. 4. Literature: Myths and Legends. Verbs and prepositions 5. Traditions: Holidays (Christmas, Thanksgiving, Halloween, Easter, Valentines). Sequence adverbs. 6. Project presentation and portfolio GRAMMATICAL CONTENT: Past simple, comparisons, modal verb can, time expressions. COMMUNICATION: presenting, cultural comprehension. SYNTHESIS Students make an exposition about a holiday time or a celebration from Colombia. Each group has to set-up its own stand. And present all the cultures traits that define that specific time or celebration. (costumes, food, music, dances, literature) to their classmates. During the presentation each student will make an oral presentation of each trait and finally they will present an example of it to the class. EVALUATION: Teachers will evaluate the use of taught vocabulary and grammatical structures, throughout the presentation. WEEK 5 ASSESSMENT GUIDING

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