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Transportation - Get In By plane The only airport in Brunei is the Brunei International Airport (BWN), the hub of Royal Brunei Airlines (RBA). The airport itself is small but clean and functional. After an excessive expansion and high losses in the 1990s, the RBA reduced its services considerably, but still offered a decent network with daily flights to London, Dubai, Kuala Lumpur, Singapore and Kota Kinabalu as well as four weekly non-stop flights to Kuching. Prices for transit through Brunei are attractive and you are guaranteed with a smile. In addition, Singapore Airlines flies twice weekly from Singapore and Malaysia Airlines twice a week from Kuala Lumpur. Malaysia Airlines subsidiary MASwings also flies several times a week to and from…show more content…
It becomes double and therefore only driveway, but it is suitable for all vehicles, up to Kuala Belait and the toll bridge in Malaysia / Sarawak to the west) There is also a secondary road, which runs through the jungle to the settlement of Labi and beyond. An excellent landscape and a 4x4 can be useful, but the road is now sealed to municipal houses some distance from Labi. Stock up in the convenient store at the intersection. By taxi There are only 40 taxis in total in Brunei (2009), because the ownership and use of the car are high. Since there are about 10 waiting at the airport and 8 in the Belait district, there is little chance of finding a free taxi along the way, especially during peak hours in the morning and afternoon when hired by businessmen. Need a taxi could request a phone call. The main taxi station is located north of the bus station in the capital, with only a few taxis waiting. None of the taxis have a metro, since there is no taxi company or regulation that requires one. Drivers have fixed prices for most trips, although fares may vary between different drivers or they will give you a price for an irregular trip. By tour

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